Adam Ming


Adam Ming is a Malaysian illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur. He grew up on Penang Island where you will find the best food hidden in back alleys and in world heritage buildings.

Right out of art school Adam was illustrating a monthly column in ‘Going Places Magazine’ (Berita Publishing). As well as a chapter books as a copy artist (Scholastic).

From 2010-2020 Adam shifted his attention to working as a Creative Director on a number of apps, most notably Zapzapmath where he created 160 math games for kids from K through 6.

In 2021 with the birth of his daughter, Zelda, Adam is once again returning to illustrating. Adam makes witty and energetic illustrations with a comic sensibility. He is interested in
working on quality non-fiction picture books about science, history and travel. And he believes EVERYONE should keep a daily sketchbook!


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