Ali Al Amine


Ali is an award-winning designer and illustrator based in the Cotswolds. His work is narrative-driven and while he works across Middle-Grade, Young Adult, and Adult fiction, his focus is always on translating thoughtful and impactful stories through beautiful design & illustration.

Having grown up in the Middle East, Ali was surrounded by a broad mixture of cultures and experiences, shaping his perspective as a creative. Since leaving Medical School to pursue a creative career in the UK, he has been able to put that creative point of view to the test. He has since graduated with an award for Design Student of the Year, received a coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil, and has recently been shortlisted as a Young Contender of the Year at the 2024 Transform Awards.

His dream project would have to be illustrating a non-fiction book about mythology or folklore - something his inner child would love to read!



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