We welcome all submissions and consider each and every one.

We are actively looking for submissions from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ+ and all other under-represented illustrators. If you wish to let us know that you identify as an under-represented creator, please include the hashtag #diversevoices in the subject line of your email when you submit. To read more about what we mean when we say under-represented, head over to our blog.

Darley Anderson Illustration Agency

Unit 19, Matrix Studios
91 Peterborough Road

020 7385 6652

So, how do you submit to our Agency?

If you are an illustrator, send us an email with your work attached in PDF form. We also accept submissions that feature your illustrations in the body of the email. Please do not send us links to download your work as we are unable to open them for security reasons. Make sure to include links to any social media channels you use to display your work or a link to your website if you have one. Finally, don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself and any experience you may have.

If you are an author-illustrator, please email us a brief synopsis of your story, along with accompanying sample illustrations.

Submissions should be made for the attention of The Darley Anderson Illustration Agency and sent to the specific agent you would like to query.

Clare Wallace –
Lydia Silver –

You can find Clare and Lydia’s wish lists in their bios, so do head over to the Team page to find out what they’re looking for. Please only query one of our agents when you submit. Clare and Lydia work very closely together, so any promising submissions are discussed by both.


Please do not send postal submissions. We cannot accept any hard copy submissions or submissions bound into self-published books. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or delay in their return whatever the cause.

While we receive hundreds of submissions each week we make every effort to review samples quickly and aim to respond within eight to twelve weeks of receipt.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive each week, there may be occasions where we cannot respond with our normal speed. If you have not heard from us within twelve weeks, please do get in touch.

Regretfully, we are not able to offer personal feedback to all the submissions we receive.


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