Erica J. Chen


Erica J. Chen is a Chinese-American illustrator, currently based in California and Nova Scotia.

Erica enjoys creating whimsical, character-driven illustrations full of fun details for people to find. She believes that every image should tell a story and therefore always endeavors to create drawings that have a clear narrative and can stand confidently alone. When it comes to character design, Erica has a particular soft spot for drawing chubby-cheeked children and awkward animals. Her approach to all her work is to always make it “loveable and relatable”.

A former third culture kid and long-time expat, Erica is particularly interested in stories that promote inclusivity, tolerance, and understanding in a manner that is both nuanced and fresh.

When she is not drawing, Erica can be found reading formulaic detective mysteries, raising caterpillars, and adding to her growing bucket list of “Cute Animals to Encounter”.

Erica hopes to one day author-illustrate her own picture book and hug a baby otter–though not necessarily in that order.



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