Helene Weston


Helene Weston is an illustrator and a knackered mum of one small but very cute sleep thief. Originally from the midlands, Helene moved to beautiful Cornwall a few years ago.

She used to be obsessed with drawing creatures, mostly aardvarks and cats, but now tends to focus her illustration around her own human pet and the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

She enjoys using watercolours, acrylic gouache and pencil crayons but more recently has gone digital. Maternal mental health is important to Helene and this comes across in her commission work and through her Instagram account. She has illustrated work for charities, Doulas, educational resources, magazines, authors and bloggers.

When she’s not drawing and painting, Helene loves reading, baking and yoga - her favourite part of a yoga class being the bit at the end where you lie down, they cover you with a cosy blanket and you have a sneaky nap… ahhh bliss!



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