Lorna Scobie


Lorna Scobie grew up in the depths of the English countryside, climbing trees and taking her rabbit for walks in the fields. She is an illustrator and designer, now based in south-east London. Growing up surrounded by nature has heavily influenced her illustrations and her work often revolves around the natural world and animal kingdom. She enjoys illustrating non-fiction 0-6 and 6+, black and white, children’s books, and pre-school books.

Lorna draws every day, and always has a sketchbook close to hand when she’s out and about. She illustrates her work by hand rather than digitally, as she enjoys the spontaneity and also the ‘happy mistakes’ that can happen along the way. Lorna uses a range of materials, including paint, pencils and pens.

Her picture book, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, won the Tadam prize in France, which is part of the Prix Jeunesse des Incorruptibles.



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