Nipinet Landsem


Nipinet Landsem is a nonbinary, queer, Anishinaabe and Michif illustrator. They are a descendant of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa in North Dakota and an enrolled citizen of the Manitoba Metis Federation in Manitoba, Canada.

Nipinet is a tattoo artist and a freelance illustrator. They started selling art at anime conventions and have been freelancing for ten years, tattooing for seven. Whilst they are self-taught they have received community and cultural instruction from knowledge keepers and peers in their community. They are interested in stories about Indigenous joy, celebrating relationship to land and community, queer romance, and horror. As a queer Indigenous artist, their perspective is unique and they would love the opportunity to show the world what their community really looks like and how beautiful it really is.


Becca Langton
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