Grey Wolf bounds onto the shelves!

Grey Wolf, the latest in Neon Squid’s Young Zoologist series, is out now! Full of beautiful illustrations by Sally Agar, this book has been written by Brenna J. Cassidy, a wolf expert, and is full of facts and simple science.

You might know that grey wolves live in packs, but there’s so much more to learn about these incredible predators! Find out what makes wolves howl, why wolves sniffing each other’s butts is their way of shaking hands, and how some wolves in Yellowstone National Park used thermal activity to heat their den! You’ll also witness the incredible relationship grey wolves have with ravens (they play tug with wolf cubs), learn about wolf rewilding projects, and discover what it takes to become a wolf zoologist yourself. Filled with simple science and plenty of animal facts, this book also looks at the conservation challenges these animals face.

Available now in hardback.

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