Publication Day for Chanté Timothy

Steven Camden’s latest novel, My Big Mouth, has been released by Macmillan Children’s Books. With brilliant illustrations by Chanté Timothy, this funny and tender story is all about friendship, storytelling and the price of being cool.

‘They think I’m cool.’
Dom’s face wrinkled up, ‘Who does? Who cares?’
But I did. I cared.

When Dad leaves, ten-year-old Jay has questions.
Where has he gone?
Why did he go?

When no one can give Jay the answers he needs, he makes up his own stories, setting off a chain reaction that sees regular old Jay go from just another face in the crowd, to the centre of attention.

But being the coolest kid in school comes at a cost. And as things spiral out of control, can the most unlikely person help him learn the most important lesson of all?

Available now in paperback.

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