Zanna Goldhawk heads back to Greenriver for sequel!

The Swan’s Warning, written by Holly Webb and illustrated by Zanna Goldhawk, is out today! This is the sequel to The Story of Greenriver, published in 2022.

The otters who live on the Greenriver have only just begun to recover from last year’s flood when a swan arrives with news of a new threat : a clan of foxes is travelling closer and closer to the holt.

Legends that have been passed down from otter to otter and beaver to beaver portray the foxes as sneaky, cruel creatures. Soon, the tenuous peace that has been brokered between the otters and beavers is threatened by this news. The otter holt and beaver lodge each believe a different course of action should be taken. It is up to Sedge and Silken to find a way to unite the two communities and protect their home from this new threat, if they can…

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